What’s Wrong On PR Blogs: Volume 1 or Cool Things I’ve Noticed Since I Was Paid To Look At PR Blogs

If you’re like me, you have no history of employment at places where you’re assigned email addresses, get to “per diem” things, or can reasonably expect not to be physically assaulted on the premises. Actually, this is probably exactly the case if you’re a fan of mine.

For the past few weeks, Ed has been having me look at the PR and tech world because of how ripe it is for satire. When I read these blogs, I am, how Staind sang, “on the outside/I’m looking in”. This is obviously not my world. The people writing these articles have health insurance and stupid shit like that. Does that make them better than me? Yes. But there’s also a bunch of things that makes them worse than me. These people are complete psychos.

Take this this article (http://everything-pr.com/gloria-allred-media-hound/69254/) by Jason Tannahill on everything PR. It’s a really bizarre piece where he rails against attorney Gloria Allred:

“Like others, we find what Mr. Cosby has been accused of in various cases to be abhorrent. But we’re not big fans of Ms. Allred either. It often seems she is more publicity hound than attorney. Seeking out cases allowing her maximum public exposure, calling press conferences to present salacious information, and in short, following the adage – sex sells – in a large percentage of her cases.

Over the years she has represented the ex-fiancé’ of Dodi Fayed – Princess Diana’s boyfriend at the time of her death, and Rachel Uchitel, one of Tiger Wood’s many women when his scandal broke. She also represented the family of Nicole Brown Simpson during the O.J. Trial, one of the women in the Anthony Weiner scandal, a transgender contestant in the Miss Universe pageant (representing Canada), and others.

One of her former clients said of Ms. Allred, ‘“The only times I saw her (Allred) was when the media was there,” adding that Allred seemed to just want her to agree to a quick settlement.’

Gloria Allred is simply a media hound.”

This article rules. For one, he goes with the impeccable “what [accused mass rapist] did is wrong, but,”. He goes on to get really mad at Gloria Allred for exploiting publicity crises and the fame of others for money. Nowhere during this article did Jason Tane realize he was uploading this criticism to a website called “Everything PR”, one that chronicles the successes of people who exploit publicity crises and the fame of others for money. Finally, he closed in bold and italics to really prove his point.

I went to take a look at the articles this guy wrote, and holy shit, here’s one he filed with zero irony on the exact same day as his Allred piece: http://everything-pr.com/allan-ripp-represents-martin-shkreli/69517/.

Allan Ripp, founder of Ripp Media / Public Relations, Inc., a New York-based PR firm, has been spending a lot of time answering queries about Shkreli and Turning Pharm, and helping with crisis management.

Helping Shkreli get word out finally that the price would be dropped from the originally listed amount of $750 per tablet. Unfortunately for Ripp, the new amount has not yet been given, so queries and bad feelings continue.

Ripp Media helps clients in the fields of intellectual properties and life sciences, financial services and wealth management, corporate law, real estate, and securities litigation. They provide assistance with media skills and writing. Associates at the firm provide experience in finance, journalism, law, and publishing.

I’ll save you the trouble and tell you this story did not end with “Allan Ripp is a media hound”.

Possible explanations for Everything PR’s anti-Gloria Allred/neutral Martin Shkreli stance:

-Most staff writers got into PR inspired by Bill Cosby’s portrayal of respectable upper-middle class lifestyles in “The Cosby Show”

-Believes OJ Simpson to be innocent

-Insane hypocrisy

While I can’t really figure it out, I admire the insane courage of publishing an inexplicable article about how much you hate Gloria Allred for doing things absolutely identical to other stuff highlighted on the blog. The petty, personal tone, as if Allred personally led a class action suit after this dude’s porch collapsed and tore someone’s ACL is what makes it. He legitimately hates it. Jason, you may have a bed frame, a Keurig, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t have, but you and I are pretty alike. Your absurd personal grudge is something I can relate to. Till the next time, pals.