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February 2015

Throw PR Daily Off The Edge Of The Stage And Into The Abyss Below

by Conrad Updog

Phew, well that was a great long weekend! I got to spend some time with my girlfriend and do some skiing, and now I'm refreshed and ready to dive back into the PR game.

Let's see what's on PR Daily this morning!



I mean...damn, Beth Adnan. Can't we have just one thing — one fucking thing! — safe from contamination by some jackass strip-mining for "thought leadership"? Is nothing sacred?

Let's see what vague threads the author uses to tie playing N64 to ~communication skills~. Here is the link.

IMO, the intro paragraph is the most depressing part of the whole sordid ordeal. How fucking sad is it that Beth was engaging in a cherished ritual with old friends, and her first thought was, "man, this great experience reminds me of my boring-ass job! What a perfect opportunity for CONTENT!"?


Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Perhaps there will be some good advice about how to electrify yourself, then use the electric current to propel yourself at your clients at high speed, thereby transfering the current to the client and doing 20 hit-points worth of damage.


...Oh. So it's mostly just that you should use your strengths like in literally any single thing you would want to do in life? That's the number one lesson?


Ah yes, that famous team-building exercise, Super Smash Brothers, where four people try to bash each other's brains in with hammers and falling Snorlaxes and shit.

Also, lol how "Doing an activity at the same time other people are also doing that activity" = "building collaboration skills."


/Falcon punches computer screen into oblivion, weaps silently at the lost promise of civilization.

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