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September 2014

The Worst People On Twitter, 9/11 Edition [UPDATED]

by Ed Zitron

Normal human beings would know that it is crass and disgusting to try and take advantage of any tragedy. However, there're people on social media who either A) don't care or B) don't have the self-awareness to not tie their product or service to, for example, September 11th.

Thanks to intrepid Twitter user and DevOps thought leader Jon Hendren, we can all see just how awful the world is, live on social media.

Your Dog Can Benefit From September 11th.

You can get a shitty t-shirt on September 11th

You can get some craft stuff cheaper because of September 11th

You can get a cheaper burger because of September 11th

You can get safety equiptment because of September 11th

You can get some clothes because of September 11th

You can get some weird erotic shit cheaper because of September 11

You can get some nutritional crap cheaper or something because of September 11th

Twitter is terrible.

Reader and person-with-the-best-name-ever Constantine Von Hoffman sent in an ADDITIONAL terrible tweet from sexy toy manufacturer Fleshlight.

While hardly as bad as profiteering off of September 11th, there is really no reason for Fleshlight to break its rich tapestry of "we make a thing to put your penis in" to remind us of September 11th. It seems mercenary.