Maybe Stop Doing So Many Hashtags, You Goons

Few things on the internet make me cringe as much as seeing a desperate flack tweet out an overabundance of hashtags in the the hopes that someone, somewhere will stumble on their drivel about #PR, #thoughtleadership, or #content and think they are important.

It is one thing to use a hashtag when you are dicussing a live event so that people can keep track of a wide-ranging conversation, and another entirely to make yourself look like a dope by including four of them in your profile.

Take this PR person's profile as an example of what not to do:


It's not like removing the hashtags will make you impossible to find on Twitter's search function, or like anyone who searches for #crowdfunding is going to scroll through all the fucking people with crowdfunding in their profiles to find you.

Instead, you just look sort of sad. Here's another good example of a PR person seeking attention with an unfortunate hashtag salad:


Hypothetically speaking, if a person were actually looking to learn more about the company Facebook (i.e. news about its products, its stock price, or its most popular trends), the last thing they would want to see when they searched for it on Twitter is a lame-o listicle on the reasons #Millennials follow brands on social media.

The world is a sad enough place without accidentally coming into contact with trash like this after a PR person decided to spam the hell out of every hashtag she could think of.

The attention-seeking PR hashtagger is superseded in obnoxiousness only by the PR person who has no fucking idea what they are doing and so hashtags things that aren't even really hashtags.


What are you doing, guy? Why are there four hashtags in this tweet? Why is one of them #MustSee? Are there people searching for #MustSee content on social media?

I don't ask for much from the PR world, but for love of god, just type the shit out regular. Trust me, everything will be okay.