PR's Top 30 Under 30 For 2015

We’re in a great new year of PR, and one step closer to the grave! We all know what that means: another 30 under 30 list! These are the 30 best professionals in PR under the age of 30 today, as of January 2016:

30 | Gurch Treadstone - Atheonos Partners

29 | Strellena Hurtz-Gamorra - DDBDI Solutions

28 | Stevron Gunk - Aquasto

27 | Joan Slab - Power Partners

26 | Donnie Bunch - Next Level Publicity Ops

25 | Tremault Sanscoullettes - TSDDD Consultants

24 | Jeoffreigh Climbens - Dynamic Associates

23 | Kingston Rockhold - Stinger Partners

22 | Slatula McGodry - Horizon Innovations

21 | Cremella Preterson - Advent LLC

20 | Carmichael Shingles - Forward LLP

19 | Burt Smichter - Wife And Husband PR

18 | Aloueta Slont-Smichter - Wife And Husband PR

17 | Kurgen Heidrich - Black Eagle Consulting

16 | Esteban Maringue - Bay Partners

15 | Jethro Rotman - KKE LLP

14 | Stantis Grish - Grishco

13 | Gurp Tacoma Frontier Consulting

12 | Ulton Husk - Terrace Outlook

11 | Wendell Piss - Wave Solutions

10 | Stad Jefferson - Apatreon

9 | Prince Waleed al-Faisal - Kingdom Solutions
Wow! Prince Waleed had a great year. From his excellent work securing fair coverage of numerous Saudi arms deals, to his handling of the ongoing Yemeni War, this man earned his place at the ripe young age of 28! “I love doing it for the sweeties mwuah kisses from Riyadh”, he told us.

8 | Keith Squirt - Operator Partners

A former member of the excellent but PR-deficient firm Blackwater, Keith has brought the steely resolve and upsetting stare of a mercenary into PR. Excellent work, Keith.

7 | Crelinga Utz - IDT Partners

Crelinga, a 26 year old Baylor grad, showed that age ain’t nothing but a number when she worked on the PR fallout of Peter Thiel’s “The Poor Are Meant To Be Fuel” talk at Thought Forum in October of last year.

6 | Sedgewick Palmers - Kony LLC

Sedgewick wowed the public relations world when he single handedly turned around Gunklr’s crisis, where CEO Skrek Hendrick claimed he could “tell apart different types of poor people by their facial structure.” Just goes to show you, just because something is true, it doesn’t mean you should say it. Thankfully, there are young men like Sedgewick in the world.

5 | Dick Junkins - Patriot Solutions

The go-to PR man for the Cruz campaign at just 26, Junkins’ calm demeanor, vast knowledge, and horrible jowls give the impression of a much older man. When he’s not crafting genuine viral wins for Senator Cruz’s campaign, he tells us that he’s working on a book exonerating Japan’s infamous Unit 731. Good luck, Dick!

4 | Crenolds Hardtraught - YLMG

This 28 year old former Yale Bulldog didn’t let his youth stop him when it was time to buckle down and throw out a PR blitz for Bashar al-Assad. Only in PR could a lion befriend a bulldog!

3 | Hemitza Reichman - Kony LLC

Kony has one two spots on the coveted Fine 9, thanks to Hemitza’s genius campaign, “Marc Andreessen Was The Son Of Syrian Immigrants.”

2 | Banksy

Possibly the best PR man on earth, and possibly under 30! Uncertainty keeps him from the number one spot, though.

1 | Drell Itney - Innotech Public Partners

Drell, the type of year you had was “hell”, as in you had a hell of a year. Back in March, he helped Mapr escape an even worse disaster after their “Hand Beezies For Access At CES” scandal threatened the core of the startup. In August, he was on the front lines of the ThinkCon dustup where panelists were accused of emailing journalists’ wives. He closed out the year with a social media campaign to rival all social media campaigns in #CopsDeserveA10s for the Policeman’s Benevolent Association. Drell, the world needs more 27 year olds like you.
That does it! If you don't make it this year, there’s always next, but for most of you time it will be never!