Maybe The Worst Pitch Ever

The tech industry is an absolute cesspool of hopelessly oblivious douche bro culture, the sort of place where people don't think twice about pitching "Male Gaze: The App" or sending a female reporter a gift basket full of sex toys.

In the same vein, we were (un?)fortunate enough to get a copy of an extraordinarily tone deaf pitch (covered by Mashable here) for MyPeriod Tracker, one of a number of apps that help women keep track of their menstrual cycles.

But while all those other apps are designed for women, MyPeriod Tracker is designed for men because, well, ~bitches be crazy~.


Wow! I mean, just, wow!

Women need to know when they are about to be on their period because they are literally going to start bleeding out of their genitals, but only after they maybe endure some cramps, a few mood swings, and the feeling that, as my girlfriend once put it, "a baby lion is chewing on my uterus."

Of the many privileges I enjoy as a man, I would have to say "not getting a period" is pretty high up there. Like if I had to choose between eliminating the wage gap or having a period every month, I would definitely choose the former. As such, if you are going to design a product around the menstrual cycle, it should probably be designed with the woman's needs in mind!

To even suggest that men bear the brunt of premenstrual syndrome because they sometimes have to take into account what their partner is going through is wildly stupid and sooooooo inconsiderate of the fact that women are human beings with thoughts and feelings. Also, will these scumbags be making be a separate app for women who need to track their girlfriends' menstrual cycles???

I can't believe that some dudes actually went to the trouble of making a period-tracking app rather than just talking to their wives and girlfriends about how their bodies were feeling. I can't speak for everyone else's relationship, but generally if my girlfriend's hormones ratchet up the intensity of a grievance she has with me, she communicates that this has been the case within the following 24 hours or so.

Lol @ "These men wanted to be more sensitive to their woman's needs."

Here's a tip, fuckboys: Maybe just ask your partner how she is feeling as if you were both adults.