ANNOUNCEMENT: Company No One Has Heard Of To Run Off-Brand Kickstarter For Undisclosed Accessory

One tried and true (and terrible!) PR practice is to avoid outright pitching a story nobody wants to write about by instead using a teaser pitch that offers a small amount of information but does not disclose the exact news item you're asking a journalist to cover.

It is essentially the PR equivalent of "You'll Never Believe What's In This Story" clickbait.

Today, we received such a pitch from the French PR firm License K, which chose to announce in a form pitch that at a future date, its client will announce a crowdfunding campaign for a product few people will want to purchase and even fewer will want to write about.

That's the entire pitch! It's a giant image of car keys with what looks like a small battery charger attached (~INTRIGUE~), and an announcement that a new "premium connected object" is on its way!

Well, it will be on its way after the company in question, PK Paris, raises an undisclosed sum of money (~MORE INTRIGUE~) on Indiegogo to add to its growing catalogue of keychains and other trinkets that are also USB devices.

Here's a hint to all of our aspiring entrepreneurs out there: If you don't even have enough dough to create your next phone accessory, maybe you don't need to spend money hiring a PR firm to mass blast a giant-ass photo of a keychain pre-announcing your crowd-funding campaign.

Here's another hint: If you ever sincerely describe something as a "premium connected object," take a long, hard look in the mirror. Then call the people who raised you to apologize.